Perfect communication from sensor to actuator.

Auswahl an Sensoren

Sensors are the eyes and ears of plant and machinery. With the connected world of Industry 4.0 becoming more and more demanding, there is growing pressure on sensors to become more sensitive and more precise.

Mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, aviation, entertainment and consumer goods, medical technology and life sciences, as well as safety technology and building management – nowadays, it is impossible to imagine these industries without sensors and measurement technology. There is no industrial sector where things are not electronically measured, tested, monitored, or automated.

Our expertise. Your benefit.

Project planning for suitable sensor technology

We analyse your current situation on site and talk with you about what conditions have to be met. Next, we advise you and help you plan and implement custom sensor technology, or optimise your existing systems – regardless of the manufacturer you use and completely in line with your requirements. At the end of the project, the plants are parameterised and ready for use – we’re not done until everything is running smoothly.

Application testing in the lab

We keep our promises! That’s because we conduct a technical feasibility analysis to determine if your requirements are realistic. In the lab, we test the impact of pressure, temperature, and acoustic and optical signals on specific factors – if they have no effect, we optimise the sensors prior to implementation, thus ensuring the project works in practice.

Communication in Industry 4.0

For Industry 4.0 to become a reality, you need smart, communicative sensors. That’s because Industry 4.0 requires maximum transparency and flawless communication among the systems involved. Sensors gather all the relevant information and trigger actions at the right place and the right time. With industrial networking, we can ensure optimum data networking and also monitor and control manufacturing chains, goods, pallets, containers or any other type of object. Sensors deliver robust data in real time, letting you visualise, evaluate and control your operations. Our solutions make it possible to connect sensors and safety controls to all standard automation and communication systems.

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