From risk assessment to safety concept.


Numerous European directives and national laws provide a legal framework for machine manufacturers and operators. To help ensure that your company puts only legally compliant machinery into circulation, we maintain an overview of responsibilities, standards, inspection bodies and authorities. In the course of a risk assessment, we examine functions, identify threats, evaluate risks and then minimise them as we implement a safe machine design based on a robust, optimised safety concept.

Once you combine this with the required disclosure of acceptable residual risks when operating the machine, and with a clearly structured operating manual, you can ensure the operator’s safety and provide the basis for accident-free workdays.

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Risk assessment according to the Machinery Directive (MRL) 

In accordance with MRL 2006/42/EG and further EU directives as well as Germany’s Product Safety Act (ProdSG), machine manufacturers and operators are required to comply with defined regulations regarding health and safety in the operation of new machines, during general plant operation, and in plant renovation or expansion (retrofits). We support you throughout the CE conformity evaluation process in a way that is consistent with regulations, and we ensure you comply with these guidelines.

Determining performance level 

As a mechanical engineer, you have to ensure that the components you use are the proper ones for the job. If you use a control system to minimise the existing risk of a dangerous spot, you are required to indicate its probability of default (reliability) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849.

Designing safety concepts 

Safety is the basic requirement underlying the interaction between people and machines – especially in Industry 4.0. That’s why this aspect has to be taken into account when planning the machinery, creating a safe mechanical and electrical design that rules out risks in advance. Our safety concepts are built around a high degree of machine availability and maximum productivity. What this gives you as an operator or manufacturer is a legally compliant overall validation of the machine, so you can respond to concerns raised by your business partners or monitoring bodies with a high degree of legal certainty.

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