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There is almost no limit to the possible applications of robotics. These reliable, tireless assistants provide support in all conceivable areas – from monotonous routine to the most complex of workflows. And they are ideal for use in dangerous or intolerable working environments, thus serving as an effective complement to your human workforce.

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Concept development and programming

Managing the robotics is at the heart of your automation solution, and determines how the new smart technology gets integrated into your existing processes. Together we examine your production workflows, determine where and in what form support from one or more robots would be useful, and then develop bespoke solution concepts (processes) for people and robots. Sensors and actuators play a critical role here, one we take into consideration when programming down to the tiniest detail as we prepare the robot for its tasks. We can adapt existing programs to new production or safety requirements at any time, thus giving you flexibility in how your automation solution can respond to the demands of Industry 4.0 and market dynamics.

We offer you a full service package for industrial robot automation, and we are the ideal partner for planning, programming and commissioning industrial robots.

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