Procurement – An optimised process chain.


Optilog helps you design your own procurement process, which reduces processing times and cuts costs. Select individual modules and enjoy effective sourcing of A-, B- and C-parts in line with your needs.

Optilog combines the optimum order type – automated according to reorder level, taken directly from your ERP system or scanned in right from your warehouse – with the logistics solution that’s right for you. Following the process as you designed it, the item is then delivered or set aside for you. And you decide how: just in time, directly into the production chain, picked as a preassembled unit, or as prepicked parcels – whatever meets your needs. As a result, you achieve shorter throughput times and leaner processes, which translate into more effective order processing.

Our expertise. Your benefit.

KANBAN: Just scan to order

Kanban is a straightforward logistics solution for restocking warehouses. Shorten your overall ordering process and whittle down your list of suppliers to a few select, reliable ones. The admin side of things is easy: as you move through your warehouse, you use a laser scanner to record the barcodes of all items to be ordered. Once the device is in the docking station, the data is sent to the Alexander Bürkle online shop, and you can immediately see all the required order details. You can make any changes you wish, such as adding cost centres, order/part numbers, or new delivery addresses, and submit the order with the press of a button.

KITTING: Perfectly packaged and even assembled

Just stretch out one hand and it’s all within reach. Following your stock list or project order, we custom-assemble boxes of items and deliver them directly to the relevant production section. As a result, you can rest assured that your employees will always use the correct parts and that you will meet your own quality standards. Together, we can go even further: we can deliver parts of your product as preassembled units, freeing you up to concentrate on critical production steps.


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