Planning, documenting and managing electrical automation projects.


Plants and machines are only as good as their core: the electrical design. Like nerve fibres, this design penetrates the entire facility, manages all processes and is sensitive to every change. That’s why production managers and legislators place special requirements on the planning, manufacture, operation and maintenance of such electrical systems.

Assessing and minimising risk plays a key role right from the planning stage. The next stage is designing electrical controls and distributors. This not only takes production processes into account, but also validates safety functions and evaluates climatic conditions. Our aim is to support you all the way from the very beginning to a seamless commissioning – with creative, secure concepts and reliable implementation.

Our expertise. Your benefit.

Comprehensive planning with EPLAN

Current legal regulations stipulate that electrical facilities must be designed to keep the risk of danger as low as possible. We work together with your experts to draw up electrical designs entirely from scratch, or digitise your paper designs, or convert older versions to match the current software. In addition, we can create the right pneumatics plans with EPLAN P8 Fluid and depict all the information in EPLAN Pro Panel as a 3D representation of a switch cabinet, including the interface to the CNC processing machine. And should any changes have to be made on site as the switch cabinet is being built, these will of course subsequently be incorporated into the revised wiring diagram.

EPLAN database management

We make use of the full spectrum of EPLAN solutions to develop the best electrical designs for you. That includes creating custom macros for any number of electrical devices and defining them in the EPLAN parts database. If you want, we can also add a range of technical data, such as rated output, dimensions, etc. to these device entries.

Retrofitting – Almost as good as new

It’s worth taking a long, hard look at existing plants as well. Our comprehensive analysis will clearly reveal what opportunities your plants offer for improving efficiency and productivity. Advice from Alexander Bürkle experts is always independent of any particular manufacturer; they work with you to redesign your electrical systems in a way that makes sense for you.

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