Drive, control and parameterisation from a single source.


As part of automation, perfectly coordinated drive technology plays a key role in smooth-flowing production operations. Regardless of whether you need electrical or mechanical drives for pumps, fans, conveyor belts, lifts, escalators or ski lifts – we handle the planning, project management and realisation of your individual drive solutions in line with your needs.

In the process we take into account all key elements, such as the right torque ranges, the relevant performance classes and the defined voltage specifications. Our ultimate goals: a seamless production process, maximum productivity and the legally required level of energy efficiency. All other yardsticks are up to you.

Our expertise. Your benefit.

Drives for specific applications

We work closely with you on site to define the requirements that your future drive solution has to meet. This involves advising you on the right soft starters, frequency converters, motion controllers, servo drives, and motors, regardless of manufacturer.

Complete package including parameterisation and programming

We offer you comprehensive project planning for your new drive technology. The full offer includes analysis of existing plants and requirements, costing and design of servo axes or drive units, integration of the drive into existing programming, and commissioning of your new efficient solution.

Plant optimisation through EMC analysis

Electrical or electromagnetic fields can interfere with the performance of your plant. We find where these fields are and recommend only compatible components, making plant downtime a thing of the past.

Leakage current analysis

Leakage currents severely inhibit the safe operation of residual-current devices / circuit breakers (RCD, RCCB) and line filters. By measuring the differential current, we can distinguish between operational leakage currents and true residual currents, thus providing effective fire prevention and personal safety.

Training and remote maintenance

We provide thoroughly practical support: smart glasses allow us to look over the shoulder of users on site, and show them on the display in their glasses where they need to make an adjustment. Thanks to plug and play this technique is available anywhere in the world; it not only cuts travel costs, but learning to use it qualifies as employee development.

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