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Automation is everywhere – in mechanical engineering just as in medical technology, aviation or logistics. As an all-in-one consultant, we analyse existing plants and facilities and then use those findings to develop plans for improvement, integrate existing systems, or create wholly new plant structures.

Our expertise. Your benefit.

Creating complete automation structures

Before we begin developing a new facility, we examine all workflows, routine activities and individual tasks. Our objective is to set up a functional overall system that combines various hardware platforms as you require and can be scaled if needed.


We handle all of the programming tasks to ensure a smooth commissioning process. Using TIA Portal, Simatic Step 5 / Step 7, CODESYS, GX Developer and iQ Works, we produce global system program codes to secure the management of your plant. We also train your experts directly in the application environment.

Retrofitting older plants

We work hand in hand with you to analyse the processes at existing plants and adapt them to your future production strategies. By retrofitting existing plants, you can adjust input and output to a more favourable ratio while complying with the latest safety and security guidelines.

Interfaces to peripherals 

Building an overall system – by coordinating the various machines with each other and integrating them into the surrounding infrastructure – is the key to having your plant function smoothly. We define control and subsidiary systems, structure the communication between them and then document it in a transparent way.

Remote maintenance of existing facilities

We provide thoroughly practical support: smart glasses allow us to look over the shoulder of users on site, and show them on the display in their glasses where they need to make an adjustment. Thanks to plug and play this technique is available anywhere in the world; it not only cuts travel costs, but learning to use it qualifies as employee development.

Data management in the future

The success of Industry 4.0 depends on all its various elements sharing a uniform data infrastructure. We ensure reliable and secure data management so you can become a part of this system.

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