Augmented Automation

Faster service, enhanced availability and lower costs thanks to the combination of web portal and smart glasses: our new Augmented Automation solution connects experts in mechanical engineering with their counterparts in service and maintenance.

Mann mit Smart Glasses

Augmented Automation is ideal for use wherever problems can occur, knowledge transfer take place, or anywhere on-site support in assembly, repairs or maintenance is not possible due to time constraints or deadlines. With smart glasses and the accompanying video/audio communication, the application forms an interface between people and machines. This lets you manage repairs and maintenance remarkably easily, leading to shorter response times and minimum downtime.

This technique gives the expert in the central back office comprehensive visual access to the plant control system that the on-site operator is using; a display in the glasses allows for a bidirectional link. As a result, companies can guarantee worldwide service no matter their size and with no need to commit further resources.

Our expertise. Your benefit.

Augmented Automation Portal 

Similar to an industrial app store, our web-based portal is the core component of the Augmented Automation solution. We gave it a modular design and constantly adapt and refine it based on (your) customer requirements, so you can tailor the solution’s digital added value to your company. This automatically keeps you at the cutting edge ‒ with no software updates. Assign rights to users, define user and supporter profiles, and manage access rights as well as smart hardware, all centrally over the portal.

Smart glasses - Plug and Play 

Bidirectional seeing made easy: Live transmission of video and audio data effectively lets you, the administrator in the office, look over the on-site operator’s shoulder and immediately see the problem on their machine. You can then work efficiently together, giving them audio or video instructions to resolve defects and problems. The solution also lets you, the expert in the back office, provide the operator with edited instructions, circuit diagrams, schematics and live screenshots as well as offer them interactive, cost- and time-optimised service – anywhere in the world!

Remote support

The solution’s Smart Server Unit can connect up to four plant control systems at a time. Meanwhile, its integrated Wireless Access Point also links the smart glasses to the Augmented Automation Portal, enabling comprehensive access to the plant control system with a simultaneous live video feed. To safeguard the security of remote maintenance for plant and machinery, communications are SSL-encrypted via VPN and WAN ports and/or mobile hotspots for connecting to the network. All hardware components are easy to configure, which minimises your setup costs and lets you quickly recoup your investment. Our remote support solution is also compatible with other manufacturers’ standard remote-maintenance routers.

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Augmented Automation
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