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Solutions on all aspects of Industry 4.0.

smart industries

We are Alexander Bürkle smart industries

We partner with our industrial technology customers to usher them through the digital transformation. With positive impetus and intelligent technologies, we help them become more efficient – and maintain their success.

Our new service portfolio 

01 Concept design: The digital twin

To ensure the proper functioning of a production facility right from the planning and design phases, we work with a digital twin – a virtual representation of a real machine or system. Because the digital and real-life versions are permanently connected, they develop an object memory. The best basis for the tasks ahead. How you benefit: optimised machine and system design, a more efficient commissioning process, short retooling times, error-free operations.

02 E-design: A fine sense for the nerve centre

We offer the highest level of efficiency in engineering and assembly of switchgear, with a team of experienced designers to advise on and implement their ideas. Our pool of experts includes specialists in EPLAN P8, TIA Portal, Simatic, CODESYS, GX Developer and iQ Works. Not only do they have expertise in all aspects of controls, distributors, switch cabinets, and the like, but they are also masters of the CNC machine interface. How you benefit: cost-optimised design, time savings through low tooling and wiring times.

01 Free and open dialogue: E-procurement

We support lean ordering and transaction processes with e-shops and marketplaces. E-procurement solutions and open interfaces are helpful tools in all issues of data transmission. Electronic procurement takes place over EDI, OCI and UGL interfaces, so we can support all standard catalogue data exchange formats such as BMECat, DATANORM, .xml, .csv and more.

02 On the path to the factory of the future

Step by step, we take you along the path to Industry 4.0. With tried and tested applications that work – right from the start. With functional solutions for sensor, drive, control, and safety technology.

01 System integration: All from a single source

We have in-house experts for all issues concerning robotics, drive technology, sensors, RFID solutions and image-processing systems. We accompany you throughout the entire process, from planning to programming to implementation. And of course we work with digital tools such as 3D simulations and digital twins. How you benefit: Increased efficiency in manufacturing. Improved production safety. Optimised throughput times.

02 Extended workbench

We help you navigate bottlenecks, whether they relate to expertise, capacity, or new business fields. Along your whole value chain, our experts stand ready to help you – with planning and concept design, programming and project planning, the building of control systems and switchgear, and cable assemblies. How you benefit: quick, straightforward resolution of bottlenecks.

03 Logistics services: Everything in flow

We offer comprehensive services for smart, efficient and cost-sensitive inventory management and reliable just-in-time delivery – including directly to the line. For example, the Optilog scheme for optimising your logistics processes, bespoke C-parts management via kanban or kitting: we pick parcels according to stock lists, project orders or as preassembled component groups.

01 Network: Connections count

As a provider of technology and services for industry, trades and commerce, Alexander Bürkle offers you the largest partner network in Germany to generate added value for you. The country’s top product, solution and service network covers control and drive strategies, drive and automation technologies, energy efficiency, machine safety, sensors and control technology, and electrical design and project planning. How you benefit: Rapid access to experts. Established partners. Integrated turnkey solutions.

02 Smart glasses for Augmented Automation

By means of smart glasses, Augmented Automation connects internal experts with service technicians or users who are repairing or maintaining machines or systems at another site. How you benefit: Improved system availability. Minimal service costs.

03 Support for digital transformation

Digitalization offers opportunities for every company. In order to better support our customers, we have developed a consulting concept that is tailored to the needs of medium-sized industrial companies. After conducting a holistic analysis of your company, we work with you to develop a digitalization strategy that ensures you digitalize the parts of your company where it really matters. We will then support you in implementing digitalization solutions or through individual coaching.

Introducing Alexander Bürkle smart industries

Mann und Frau stehen vor einem Roboterarm

According to digital association Bitkom, by 2025, all digital twins in the manufacturing sector will offer economic potential worth some EUR 78 billion.

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