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We are Alexander Bürkle smart consumers

In a fast-paced, digitalised world, we give electrical specialists a competitive edge. As the consultant at your side, we help put you in an optimum market position and support you as you leverage your strengths to meet the needs of your customers with the right products and services.

Our new service portfolio

01 Business analysis: path to excellence

If you wish to know precisely how your company is positioned in the market, our business and market analysis can provide well-founded answers. This comprehensive corporate check-up delivers a thoroughly researched evaluation of all aspects of successful company management: product range strategy, costing, goods presentation, advertising, marketing and service offerings. How you benefit: we offer long-term consulting and support on the path to top performance.

02 Presentation: Your window on the world

To optimise your sales space and enable the best possible presentation of your product, we consult on redesign and renovation work: from LED technology to display screens to management of all devices via KNX connection and app, from the colour scheme to outdoor adverts. How you benefit: an attractive corporate image builds trust, gets customers interested and leads to a successful sale.

03 Product range orientation: Knowing what works

Fab or flop? We will help you identify which of your products are the true sales winners. A digital ranking delivers the base values, which our consultants use when working with you to plan your product range in detail. How you benefit: Transparency. Portfolio optimisation. Improved customer focus.

04 Marketing: How customers find you

We advise and support you in analysing your location, and we gather data on the purchasing power in your catchment area. We also help you set up a database to use in applying a more personalised approach. And we put in just as much effort to analyse your online presence. How you benefit: More information about customers and their purchasing power potential at your location. Marketing tailored to target groups. Greater visibility online.

01 Goods are just a click away

Our online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offering you the best support on all issues concerning goods. Real-time information on availability, good deals and your own selling prices at the touch of a button. Direct access to all technical documentation and your individual ordering history. How you benefit: Integration of relevant manufacturer configurators. Links to manufacturer catalogues and option to order directly from them in the online shop.

02 Exclusive: Sales winners just for you

To set our partners apart from large retail chains and online providers, we offer select and premium products exclusively through specialist shops. How you benefit: Differentiation from the competition. Secure earnings through exclusivity.

03 Right to the customer – who’s always right

Our marketing support lets you boost sales, acquire new customers, and achieve better returns. We work with you to develop a raft of customer-centric actions: optimising display screens and outdoor adverts, launching promotions and special sales, and holding special events ranging from workshops to open days. We’ll show you how to win over customers through smart pricing instead of discounts, and we’ll highlight opportunities for you on the internet and social media. How you benefit: Higher sales figures, better margins. You generate added value and create purchasing experiences.

04 Snappy delivery

The Alexander Bürkle warehouse contains more than 3.8 million items, so you can quickly lay your hands on what you need – delivered with our own vehicle fleet. How you benefit: Maximum availability of a massive product range. Delivered on time.

01 Coaching: A pilot in stormy seas

We offer professional support at all corporate levels, with an all-inclusive service package for company and employee management: process management, marketing, location analysis, product range orientation and reaching customers. How you benefit: On the best path to excellence. Professional. Successful.

02 Cooperation = strength

With telering, a strong alliance of some 2,500 IQ (immer Qualität, “always quality”) specialist shops, you get quality at fair prices. They can advise you on designing your façade to advertise more effectively, and you can also take advantage of their training courses, special terms and conditions, and IT support. The best part: favourable purchasing conditions, extensive range of brand-name products, and diverse service offerings.

Introducing Alexander Bürkle smart consumers

Beratung mit Tablet in einem Fachhandelsgeschäft

We at Alexander Bürkle see ourselves as pilots who are there to guide our partners through stormy seas.

Frank Schoberer | Director, smart consumers

Business and market analysis: The path to excellence

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