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We are Alexander Bürkle smart buildings

Smart buildings are becoming increasingly popular, because the connected interplay between all their components makes them easy to manage. We support and advise you on all aspects of smart building technology: from planning to procurement to installation. After all, smart buildings couldn’t exist without the expertise of electrical services engineers.

Our new service portfolio 

01 Advice and support regardless of manufacturer

We help you offer quick, well-founded and unique solutions for individual customer requests. Our suite of intelligent tools makes your day-to-day work easier. With our virtual showroom “Lebensräume” (“Living spaces”), our partners show their customers live what a connected building can look like. The best part: customers can go online to define the smart functions they want for their homes. An experience for all the senses. Building technology you can feel, see and touch. Anything and everything to do with safety, security, energy, convenience and entertainment.

02 Planning made fast and easy

With our terminal® planning software, you can guarantee fully functional installation for smart homes and residential and commercial buildings, and you can visually highlight the technologies that are the best fit. It makes your scheduling and calculations professional, fast and reliable. You can always call up the latest prices. The best part: terminal® automatically assembles all the necessary elements during the planning phase – including specifications and component lists.

01 Right place, right time

Alexander Bürkle logistics sees to it that your goods always arrive on time for your project – using our own fleet! All processes smoothly integrated with your own workflows. This includes custom solutions such as construction site deliveries or project containers. The best part: On-time delivery. Correct quantity. The right quality. Transparent costs.

02 Fast and convenient shopping

Our Elektrocity stores at 19 locations. Direct access to all standard installation materials. On-site product availability for last-minute purchases. A chance to talk over tricky issues with colleagues and our expert consultants. Helpful information days with visits from manufacturers. Need to make purchases at any time, day or night? Then register in our online shop.

01 Bespoke solutions

For projects that are not “off the rack”. When you need a stress-free way to tackle technically demanding tasks, Alexander Bürkle Systems Sales is happy to support you, from doing all the programming for a project to supporting the commissioning phase. The benefit for you: more time for other projects in this uncharted technological territory. A straightforward – and collaborative – solution.

01 The path from idea to finished product

Our people are qualified in every area of electrical engineering, with expertise on all topics involving installation and building system technologies; renewable energy; technical lighting; cables and wiring; and networking technology. They are happy to help you over the phone or in person.

02 Product database as a central resource

No more tedious online searches or countless phone calls – our comprehensive database provides you with all the information on our products. Whether you’re looking for a data sheet, an instructional video, or an update – this is where you will find everything you need. If you need special assistance, our experts are happy to advise you personally. The best part: our online shop handles returns.

03 Market success on the road

Alexander Bürkle is there for you, whether you need an action roadmap, want to hold a customer event, or would like to concentrate on high-yield target groups. We have a wealth of ideas and advertising materials for when you meet with your customers. We optimise your sales floor and advise you on your online presence to drive up sales – and make them more profitable to boot. Upon request, we can also provide professional support for sales to end customers. The best part: our Lebensräume showrooms – the concept for your end-customer marketing.

Introducing Alexander Bürkle smart buildings

Mann arbeitet an einem Schaltschrank

Our experts have an overview of the entire market and are thoroughly familiar with all its intricacies.

Ralf Glink | Head of System Sales
Lebensräume - Alexander Bürkle

Our Lebensräume showrooms


terminal®: A systematic approach to online planning.

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