Network for success.

Partner von Alexander Bürkle

We know that we can’t be experts in every area, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without expert advice. Marketing experts, distribution giants, professionals in maintenance or employee training, and more – we work closely with companies we trust and from which you stand to benefit.


We enable large-scale procurement through an alliance of five major electric wholesalers. In Germany, we collaborate with DEHA Elektrohandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, and at the European level, we partner with IDEE (International Distributors of Electrical Material Europe).


The unique TECSELECT system supports you in your marketing, sales, operational management and technical services activities. Its training programme and seminars keep you up to date on new products and systems, marketing trends, and sales or financial management.


WELTFUNK Elektrotechnische Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG, an association of eight German wholesalers, serves as a trusted interface between manufacturers and retailers in consumer electronics and electrical home appliances. At over 500 locations, its member companies support, advise and supply more than 30,000 retailers and commercial customers in the trade, retail, service and industrial sectors.


With telering and Markenprofi, we provide you with targeted sales support and marketing tools. Specially compiled information allows us to enhance your market presence, and we give your business an image all its own, including designing sales rooms and vehicle signage.


The challenges raised by EMC issues have grown so varied and complex that individual experts can no longer analyse and master them without support. Members of the EMV-Kompetenz-Netzwerk (EMC competence network) contribute their particular expertise in the course of their individual, professional and commercial activities to the benefit of their customers and business partners.

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