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The Alexander Bürkle Academy

The Academy offers our customers, employees and trainees a comprehensive, hands-on programme of courses for training and further development.

This allows us to continuously improve the technical and business qualifications of our workforce. Our programme features integrated multimedia classrooms and the latest learning technology, such as e-learning and webinars. Motivation, discipline and a passion for new knowledge—all are on the rise.

And of course our partners also have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge at the Alexander Bürkle Academy.

Our seminars

  • IT courses on Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
  • Company health management, first-aid courses
  • Communication, time management, public speaking and body language, language courses
  • Manager training, such as evaluations and conflict management, coaching or train the trainer
  • Training on products, telephone use, trade fairs

It is only by training our customers that we will be able to master the challenges of the future.

Ulrike Berger | Director of the Alexander Bürkle Academy

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