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Our product line is oriented especially to electrical retailer customers. Choose from thousands of products from the multimedia, electrical appliance and receiver technology areas.

Alexander Bürkle also offers two great retail partner cooperations. With Telering and Markenprofi we can make targeted sales support and marketing instruments available to you. We strengthen your market presence with specially prepared product information and give your specialty retail store an individual face. This also includes the design of salesrooms and vehicle graphics, simplifying your customer's decision to buy.

Elektromarken: ELMAR-Preisträger und Meisterstipendiaten wurden gefeiert

Zum zehnten Mal kürte die Initiative „Elektromarken. Starke Partner.“ im Dezember die Preisträger des Markenpreises ELMAR und präsentierte die zehn Gewinner der Meisterstipendien.

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